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Announcement of the new DOT UN ISO 11120 Certification

McKeesport, PA – CP Industries has announced that, following a comprehensive audit, they have received approval for a design type certificate from the US Department of Transportation (USDOT). The issued certificate is for the manufacturing of large seamless tubes to ISO 11120 with certification to the UN Model Regulations for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods by the Notified Body of the United States (USDOT).

The ISO 11120 tube with UN/USA approval has the flexibility of the ISO 11120 design standard allowing the design of a UN tube to be optimized for a specific gas service. While under the requirements of 49CFR173.302b and 49CFR173.304b, the UN tubes can be used in place of existing DOT tubes for transporting non-liquefied and liquefied compressed gases in the United States.

The UN tubes can offer significant advantages over traditional DOT tubes in terms of weight saving and increased payload. There are variables which will be used to determine if the UN tubes would be an overall benefit to each customer.

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To view the DOT UN ISO 11120 Certificate, please click here.