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Announcement of new third-party inspection agency

McKeesport, PA - CP Industries has announced they have contracted with a new third-party inspection company, Arrowhead Industrial Services Inc. Arrowhead Industrial Services is the premier inspection agency for gas container testing and analysis. With national and international office locations, Arrowhead is officially recognized and issued approvals by over ten national authorities as well as various branches of the Department of Defense.

“This change will allow for all inspections to be conducted under one inspection agency,” stated Debbie Schultz, Vice President of Sales. “Prior to this change, CP Industries would have to bring in a separate agency for the DOT and ISO inspections.” This alteration will prove beneficial later this month due to a unique audit being conducted at CP Industries plant for a new cylinder line to be released by the end of the year.

CP Industries product lines include tubes manufactured to ASME Section VIII specifications and DOT specifications 3AAX, 3T and. Vessels can also be manufactured in accordance with ISO 11120 specifications and MIL-F-22606 for use on government property or equipment.